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Archive for ESQUIRE10


For Indicative Purposes we include below materials from the ESQUIRE10 course from 2010:


Day One – Overview, Focusing the Question and Searching 


13:00 Introduction and Overview

Mr Andrew Booth 


13:30 Focusing the Question

Ms Janet Harris


14:15 Planning Your Review

Mr Andrew Booth 


14:45 Break


15:15 Searching for Qualitative Evidence & 

16:00 Using Filters and Supplementary Methods

Abstract Exercise

Ms Helen Buckley Woods 


16:45 Summary of the Day

Mr Andrew Booth 


Day Two - Data Extraction, Quality Assessment, Synthesis and Writing Up


09:30 a.m. Challenges of Data Extraction

Dr Myfanwy Lloyd-Jones


09:50 a.m. Data Extraction Practical

Dr Myfanwy Lloyd-Jones

Form and Article A and Article B

(Includes 10:40-11:00 Break)


11:15 a.m. Quality Assessment - Practical

Mr Andrew Booth & Dr Myfanwy Lloyd-Jones

Checklists and Article One and Article Two


12:30-13:30 Lunch


Analysis and Synthesis


13:30 Case Study

Dr Vinita Mahtani


14:15 Synthesis Practical 

Mr Andrew Booth

Article Three and Article Four

Framework Synthesis and Thematic Synthesis

Sample Data Extraction form for Article Four


15:00 Break


15:20 Integrating Your Data Practical

Mr Andrew Booth 



16:30 Writing Up and Dissemination

Mr Andrew Booth 


17:00 Close


19:00 Course Dinner – St Paul’s Hotel


Day Three – Issues & Challenges for Qualitative Research in Evidence Synthesis (InCQuiRES)


10:00 a.m. Welcome and Introduction to the Day

Andrew Booth


10:15 a.m. Issues and Challenges around Scoping and Focusing the Question

Janet Harris


11:00 a.m. Issues and Challenges around Searching the Literature

Andrew Booth


11:20 Break


11:50 Issues and Challenges around Assessing Qualitative Research

Andrew Booth


12:30 Lunch


Afternoon Session: Synthesis and Integration

Chair: Janet Harris


13:30 Issues and Challenges around Synthesising Qualitative Research

Dr Vinita Mahtani


14:15 Issues and Challenges around Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Professor Angela Harden


15:00 Methodological Roundtable Discussion

Andrew Booth, Angela Harden, Janet Harris, & Vinita Mahtani


15:20 The Way Forward – Taking Your Interest Further 

Andrew Booth & Janet Harris


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